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We’ve answered our most frequently-asked questions, below. Click each question to view the answer. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or would just like to chat about our boats, give us a call!

Where are your offices in Mexico?

La Paz – located north of Cabo San Lucas on the Baja California Peninsula.
Mazatlan – our main hub office located on the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico, about 150 miles East across the Sea of Cortez from Cabo San Lucas.
San Carlos – located in the Sea of Cortez not far from Arizona and about 400 miles north of Mazatlan.
Puerto Vallarta- located about 200 miles south of Mazatlán

Why buy a boat from one of the Mazatlan Marine Center Offices?
There are many reasons to buy your boat in paradise:

Boats in Mexico are better equipped and are proven cruising vessels. They have much more gear than many of their counterparts in the US that are outfitted only for day sailing. Compare the equipment lists of our boats with those of many of our US or Canadian equivalents and see that we bring you better value.

Purchasing a vessel in Mexico is an offshore purchase and may yield tax advantages. We are not in the tax business so we suggest you contact professionals in that area to ensure that you understand your obligations which can vary by state and country.

The crew of Mazatlan Marine Center is made up of boat owners who have cruised the US, Canada and the west coast of Mexico. We have lived the cruising dream and have chosen to stay in our adopted country. We have gained first-hand knowledge of what it takes to outfit and maintain a boat for living aboard, coastal cruising, offshore sailing, day sailing, or fishing.

Can I get a survey done in Mexico?
YES! We work with several surveyors in each area, many of whom are also US or Canadian nationals. We work with people that have done surveys for clients before, so we know the quality of their work. If you are buying a vessel, the surveyor you choose will be working for you, ensuring that you get a vessel that has been properly inspected from bow to stern.

Our certified surveyors work with US, Canadian and European insurance carriers on a regular basis. Current survey rates range from $10 to $14 per foot. E-mail us for more details.

How does the boat buying process work?

If you see a boat that interests you,  contact us and let us know! Each boat has an ‘Inquire About This Boat’ button that will connect you directly with us so that you may ask questions about each boat. We will respond quickly to your inquiries and provide you with detailed information and assessments of the boats we have in inventory. Once you are ready to make an offer, we will work with you to draw up an “Offer to Purchase & Sales Agreement” which details the conditions and any contingencies of the purchase. Our brokers will work with you and the seller to come to a mutually acceptable price and terms. Upon the offer being accepted by the seller, the 10% deposit must be submitted to the title company noted below in Washington State. This amount is held in your name in a trust account.

What happens after my offer is accepted?
Once your offer is accepted, you will have a set period of time to complete the purchase transaction, normally 10 to 30 days. This period is used to satisfy any contingencies such as your personal inspection, the survey and the sea trial. Once all the contingencies have been satisfied, closing and documentation instructions are sent to Pacific Maritime Title (PMT) or Marine Documentation Service, Inc (MDSI). You will receive your new documentation from the US Coast Guard or Canada Ships Registry. Proper papers will be provided if registering under another flag. In the unlikely event that the contingencies are not met, the deposit in trust is returned to you.
Ok, I'm ready to come to Mexico. Where do I stay?
We can provide complementary discounted rates at nice hotels conveniently located near the marinas where we have our boats. We are always happy to help with your accommodations and can provide you recommendations and directions on getting here by either air, land or sea. Let us know your preferences and we will make arrangements with our local contacts. We can even give you information on other “must see and do” activities in our home cities.
Can I get work done on my boat in Mexico?

Absolutely! La Paz, Mazatlán, San Carlos and Puerto Vallarta are very large cruising communities with multiple yards and marinas. Each city has virtually all the marine-related services and supplies that a boater would want – boat yards, marinas, chandleries and a wide range of marine professionals such as sailmakers, riggers, refrigeration and diesel mechanics, canvas & upholstery, boat maintenance workers. etc. Send us an e-mail at mazmarine@aol.com and we will be happy to provide more information on the services that we recommend to our clients.

What about boat insurance?
You must carry liability insurance on your vessel while you are in Mexican waters. All marinas will ask for proof of coverage, and some port captains may also require it. We work with reputable insurance brokers who can provide the coverage you need within Mexican, US or other international waters. Send us an email and we will give you recommendations for insurance companies that can assist you with your needs.
How do you handle titling and documentation service?
We use the services of Pacific Maritime Title (Seattle, WA) or Marine Documentation Service, Inc (Anacortes, WA). They are the nation’s foremost providers of vessel documentation, preferred mortgage, state titling, and closing services for owners, buyers, brokers, dealers, lenders and attorneys. They also work with clients to prepare documents for registration outside of the US and Canada. They have provided our clients with excellent service for years.
How hard is it to find a slip for my boat?
There are slips readily available in all of our locations. Unlike many parts of the U.S. or Canada where slips are in short supply, there is availability throughout most of the year. During peak season when there are multiple events at the same time, such as regattas, fishing tournaments, or the seasonal launch and haul-out in the fall and spring, there may be a wait of a few days before you get the slip of your choice. In addition, storage of your boat “on the hard” can also be arranged. Send us an e-mail at mazmarine@aol.com or give us a call. If you need more details and we can put you in touch with our local marina managers.
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